Monday, June 12, 2017

SGX Nifty (Asia Singapore) - Ichimoku Weekly Study - 3 Inside Down? - Week 2 of June 2017.

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Learning from the Earlier Study: (click here for the previous post)

Bulls stay well above the 'Tenkan Sen' even as Bears Produce a Harami.

Senkou Span A & B  start to converge (extreme right). 
Bears counter the Bullish Green Marubozu with a small red candle producing in net a Harami.

Bulls make another 'All Time High', but end up making a Bearish Harami
 (google it). 

Looking Forward into this Week:

Bears hope that the Senkou Span A & B convergence, can result in some downside. 
Chikou Span, preferably, needs to stay pointed away from the Price line, to keep the Bull move, going.

Bearish Harami, if it results in a 'Three Inside Down', is good for the Bears.

Bulls riding the Bullish 'Tenkan Sen- Kijun Sen Cross', want to stay above the Fibo 113% and aim for 127%.

Bears, hope to get the index below the Tenkan Sen (blue line) with a 'Three Inside Down'.