Monday, September 21, 2015

China SSEC - Ichimoku Study - Kumo Float - Week 4 of September 2015.

Introduction / Primer to Ichimoku can be read at this link (click). 

Learning from the Earlier Study: 
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Bulls unable to keep up with the rising Kumo, Bears have edge as Last Week's red candle floats into the Kumo  #W1.

Chikou Span turns down below the Price line and the Tenkan Sen #W1.
Gap between the Senkou Span A & B, narrow to touch point, steady #W3.

After the bearish Chikou Span cross, Bears float into the Kumo #W1.
Bulls take solace in the steady gap at the Senkou Span A & B #W3.

Looking Forward into this Week:

Bearish Kumo break-in, progressing - bad news for Bulls they do not pull above Kumo #W2.

Bearish Chikou Span Cross (its called a 'weak bearish signal' as it occurred when the index was Bullish i,e. above the Kumo) in danger of a re-cross #W2.
Gap between the Senkou Span A & B at #W3, is near closing - a Bullish Deflection or Bearish Cross Possible.

A Bearish Senoku Span cross & life inside the Kumo #W3, are what the Bears need, to keep their advantage.
Getting back above the Kumo #W2, with a re-cross by the Chikou Span to above the Price line #W1, is the Bull strategy for survival.