Saturday, May 11, 2013

BSE Sensex - Ichimoku Study - Week: 06 May to 10 May: 2013 - About Deflections and Crosses

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Introduction / Preamble can be read at this link (click). 

Quick Reference : 

Chikou Span - pink line,
Kijun Sen - blue line, 
Senkou Span A - black line, 
Senkou Span B - grey line, 
Kumo - grey shaded area,
Tenkan Sen - red line.

Previous Signals seen on BSE 30 - Week Chart (EOW) marked on chart as per notes below:

The Senoku Span Cross:  Neutral Bullish Signal (Ss)
The Kumo Break-out: Bullish Signal (B)  
The Flat Kumo: Bearish Signal (Ko)
The Tenkan Sen/Kijun Sen Cross: Weak Bearish Signal (T) 
The Chikou Span Cross:  Strong Bullish Signal (Cc)  
The Tenkan Sen Cross:  Bullish Signal (Te)

The Kijun Sen Cross: Strong Bullish Signal (K) 

BSE 30 - End of  Week Chart (EOW) - Analyzing 12 months Data - as on 10 May'13

Learning from the Past Week: (click here for the post)

Tenkan Sen & Kijun Sen Converge for a cross or deflection #2. 
Index remains above the Kijun Sen line  #2.
Oscillator ticks up into '+' territory. #3.
Chikou Span soars above the price line #1.

Bulls build on their gains, Kijun Sen and Tenkan Sen a whisker away from each other.

Looking Forward into the next Week:

A Bullish Tenkan Sen - Kijun Sen Cross, should be the next Bull ask #2.
Chikou Span getting below price line a must for the Bears #1.
A Bearish Tenkan Sen - Kijun Sen Deflection, can give the Bears a sneaky win #2.

Deflection or Cross? Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen can deflect Bearishly if the up move pauses now.