Monday, November 7, 2016

US - S&P 500 - Triple Screen 'Technical Analysis' - Bull Support - Week 2 of November 2016.

Learning from last Week:  (click here for the previous post)

Bears close the index below 2116 last week, Previous week's Engulfing turns into a 'Three Outside down'

Support & Resistance:
Support was at the daily 200MA #DayChart1. Resistance near the daily 5 EMA #Daychart1.

Moving Averages:
The critical EMA 5, is bullishly above the MA13, only on the Month Chart #Monthchart1.

The RSI in the over sold #WeekChart2.

Wrap:Bears turn the weekly Engulfing pattern into a 'Three Outside Down' #WeekChart1.
Bulls defend the 200 MA

Looking forward into this Week:

'Evening Star' Pattern (Study Links here, here or elsewhere) is active on the Long term charts #MonthChart1. 

'Three Outside down' i
s active on the Weekly Charts (Study Links here, here or elsewhere).
Support & Resistance:
2166 is the resistance that Bears would want to stay below. Daily 200MA is support for Bulls #DayChart1.

Moving Averages:
5 EMA on the Week chart i,e, 2122, is the mark, that the  Bulls want to stay above, this week #WeekChart1.

TSI takes support at the 62% Fibonacci mark #MonthChart2.

Bulls after defending the 200 MA, look to stem the flow of red candles #DayChart1.
Bears need to stay below 2166 and prevent a Higher High #DayChart1.