Monday, July 3, 2017

CAC 40 (Europe Paris) - Ichimoku Weekly Study - Weekly support - Week 1 of July 2017.

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Introduction / Primer to Ichimoku can be read at this link (click).

Learning from the Earlier Study: (click here for the previous post)

Index takes Support at the Kijun Sen (weekly -  red), after slipping below the Tenkan Sen (blue).

Chikou Span (White) spikes up, way above the Price line (extreme left).

Index stops falling near the Weekly Support. Bears make a huge red candle.


Looking Forward into this Week:

Bears next seek life below the Kijun Sen (red line).
Bulls want to resume the up trend from this critical support.

Senkou Span A&B starts converging - favours Bears.


Bears want to keep the index below the Tenkan Sen and keep it falling.
Bulls look to trend up, taking off from critical support (red line).