Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Wall on our Street

Glossary -  Terms used in this Blog...

Wall or Settlement Price:

The Wall for any month, for the CNX Nifty, is the last half hour weighted average Price or approximately the EOD closing value of the last Thursday (THE settlement day) of the previous month.

Example : 

Wall for November 2014.

The last Thursday AND settlement day for the previous month (i.e. October 2014) was 30th October 2014. 

The EOD closing value for the Nifty on 30th October 2014, was 8169.

Wall for November 2014,  is approximately 8171. 


Wall for September 2015,  was approximately 7949.
Wall for October 2015,  was approximately 7868. 

Wall for November 2015,  was approximately 8112. 
Wall for December 2015,  was approximately 7884. 
Wall for January 2015,  was approximately 7946. 

Wall for August 2016,  is approximately 8666. 

Links below help us understand the relative importance of the 'Wall'. 

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